Understandung and feeling

Understandung and feeling
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Englische Ausgabe zu Reiten mit Verstand und Gefühl In this book Michael Putz presents... mehr
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Englische Ausgabe zu Reiten mit Verstand und Gefühl

In this book Michael Putz presents clear evidence that serious, carefully considered training, carried out feelingly in accordance with the rules of classical equestrianism, is the system which is ideally suited to horses and most beneficial for them. His prime objective, to convey the real training of horse and rider, is achieved by means of his exceptional ability to recognise problems, to analyse them and provide solutions which it is possible to implement in practice. The result of this form of training is the maintenance of the horse’s pleasure in working together with the rider, its willingness to perform and the “personality” of the horse as well as, ultimately, a harmonious partnership between rider and horse.

The book offers enormous support to trainers and riders of all classes in their striving to achieve the challenging training aim of “throughness”. This book makes successful implementation possible and guarantees great pleasure in daily work with horsesnglische Fassung  zu Reiten mit Verstand und Gefühl

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